Monday, April 27, 2009

Desert Geteway

Hi everyone. I have got to tell you about the cool weekend I had. Braden and I have been trying to do something together for weeks now, and last weekend we did. We went to the sand dunes, Little Sahara, Sand Mountain, whatever you want to call it. Braden took his four wheeler and I rented one. First off, it was kind of frustrating at first. I hustled home from work, picked up my four wheeler, got home, threw some clothes together and waited, and waited, and waited. Braden was in no hurry to load or put things together. He kept saying don't worry we will be fine. We don't need to be there until we get there. Well we finally left home about 9:00 pm and filled up the truck and the bikes and headed for the dunes. We arrived at Sand Mountain at around 11:00 or 11:30 pm and unloaded everything. Oh yeah, Braden's friend Greg went with us. At 11:30 PM (yep, at night) Braden said let's go for a ride. Greg's bike did not have a headlight which meant he had to stay back. But no, Super Braden to the rescue! Braden found a headlight and had it mounted and wired to Greg's machine in about 10 minutes. Awesome. We left the camp and rode the four wheelers till about 3:30 am which was great because the camp was noisy anyway until 4:00 am (that's when everyone goes to bed) So we went to bed too, and slept for at least a good 3 hours until 7:00 am when I heard the first motorcycle start up next to our camp. Well that was it, I was up. I started messing around and getting ready for the day. Braden got up and he and I went for a ride for about an hour. When we got back Greg was awake. We rode all over Sand Mountain until 3:00 in the afternoon. Then it started to rain. Let me tell you something, Braden can ride!!! He was riding across the front of the mountains (which is hard enough) but he was doing it while riding a wheelie the whole time. He was jumping and racing up Sand Mountain like he was shot out of a canon. He is very good, and as you can tell, I was very impressed. I was glad to follow along and not get hurt and not totally embarrass myself. We left about 4:00 to head for home, it started to rain. I was tired.
Sunday morning... I am in pain. I hurt everywhere and I did not even wreck. It hurt to turn the key to start the car. I've got sore muscles in places that I did not know I had muscles. Maybe it is just sore fat. At 11:00 am I sat down to put on my shoes and fell asleep until 1:30. What a great time I had. Thanks Braden. If any of you get the chance to go ride the bikes at the dunes, go. It is amazing. Well thanks for reading I hope you all are doing well. HAPPY RIDING! I am going to get into a hot shower and fall asleep again. Bye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time marches on... Yahoo it's Spring! (somewhere)

And on and on. Here it is the middle of April and I hope everyone has their taxes filed. I keep forgetting to write. Our grandson Preston is 4 months old now and growing like a weed. Of course when you're born at 10-lbs 11-oz it is easier to grow like a really big weed. I can always hear him in the background, testing out his voice, when I talk to Courtney on the phone. Andrew is sick and I feel really bad for him. Court said he spent all last night throwing up, which meant he could not go to preschool today. He has sent me a few pictures in the mail that he has colored for me and Stacey. I will put them on the blog. He can't wait to go fishing, so I need to get out to Iowa and bring him back with me so we can go catch some fish. Brooke is trying to decide what to do about school. There are so many things she is interested in that almost everyday brings a new idea. She worries too much. She will be good at whatever she puts her mind to. Braden is constantly tearing something with a motor apart and putting it back together again. (I will never get my garage back) He now has his four-wheeler running and he has powder coated the frame to his motorcycle. It is gorgeous. It is the coolest shade of green, and it has so much metal flake in it that the color just pops. He is going to the sand dunes this weekend.
BIG NEWS... Whitney's old Taurus is no longer in the driveway. Yep, it has been sold. Yahoo! Of course Braden now has his buddy's trailer on the side of my house. I can't win. Stacey has been trying to get Wicked tickets in the lottery each night. So far she has struck out. It seems they are a little easier to get in Chicago, although she did make it onto the six-o'clock news. I spent part of Easter weekend at a monstrous cabin, thanks to Scott and April. It belongs to some friends of theirs and it is awesome. We had a great time playing pool, trying to sign karaoke, and riding the four-wheelers. It was very fun weekend. Thank you Scott and April.
Well time to go to bed. I have to be to work early tomorrow (6:00 am) and you know how badly I need my beauty sleep. I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy every day because...Time really does march on, before I know it I'll be complaining about the snow again.