Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer's end

Well here we are near the end of another summer. Man that went by fast. We have spent a lot of this summer building rockets and losing them. It has been a lot of fun. I guess we are not very good at judging the wind, because several trees now own our rockets. Andrew and Preston love to launch them. Jason and Whitney have joined us and so has Brooke and Tim. We have been going to Andrew's soccer games on Saturdays and it has been fun.'s like watching Whitney and Brooke when they were little. "Bunchball." We are working to get Andrew to be a little more aggressive. He seems to be having fun and that's what counts. No vacations this summer just staying around home. My dad and Dave C. and I went fishing yesterday and we had a great time. We left around 6:30, should have been 6:00, and we went to Currant Creek. By the way, the 7-11 on 12300 south and 700 east has no hot dogs on the grill at that time. So we did not get a Bahama Mamma before fishing. We caught somewhere around 30 fish total. The weather was great and the water was beautiful. Current creek has some Tiger Trout in it and they look cool. They are not very big yet, but they are cool. Stacey has been playing softball every Wednesday with her work and they are doing OK. Best of all she has not taken another line drive to her shin. I think her shin is finally not black, blue or green. Braden is going on the deer bow hunt with some friends and Brooke has just moved into a new apartment. Now for really BIG news...Isabelle is not only crawling she is going up the stairs! She is sooo smart. She loves her grandpa, but she loves grandma more. She can't take her eyes of Stacey (probably because she knows Stacey usually has candy or a Popsicle. Ok on to other news. Brooke's Congo hat business did not take off so she is now making contacts for near sighted homeless dogs and cats. She ha such a big heart. Now all of those animals can see where they are going and do not have to sniff everything to see what it is. We will see how this story ends. Braden has installed a stereo system in his truck that is awesome. He did a great job. The system can get loud. He is helping Brooke in her new contacts adventure by putting stereo systems in the Cat and Dog houses for the near sighted animals. They can have barking or meowing in HD Stereo. Well we can't leave out our soldier Jayme, who just gad a birthday. She is in Kuwait and will be going to Iraq in a while. I was able to talk to her the other day. It was great! She sounded good she said it is very hot 120+ over there. Jayme we love you. Be safe. Well thing are OK here, I hope everything is good for you out there. Have a good and safe Labor Day. Summer's end.