Sunday, January 17, 2010

Name them one by one

So many blessings. January 12 at almost three o-clock in the afternoon Isabelle Piper Powell made her way into the world. 7 lbs 15 oz. and 20 inches long. She is perfect! Our third grandchild, and one more blessing added to our family. She is the first girl born on my side of the family in fifteen years. Yep, she's going to be spoiled by everyone. I was sitting in the waiting room when just before three I got a text that said "It's a girl!" Stacey was in the room for this miracle and I know she loved being there. Jason was already making phone calls when saw him walk out of the room. That day seemed to go by in a flash. Isabelle was so beautiful and perfect. Just to tell you how everything works out, the nurse that helped to deliver Isabelle, helped deliver Whitney when she was born 23 years ago.
Whitney, Isabelle and I spent most of Saturday together, and it was a great day. I was able to sit in a chair and just watch her sleep. Have you noticed how good babies smell. Is it the baby lotion, or what? She has long gorgeous fingers and long feet. I told Jason and Whit, good luck finding size fifteen high heels when she is prom queen. I hope you enjoy the photos of Isabell I only have around 400 of them so call me if you want one.
Other news Courtney and Doug are closing on their house in Mesquite. It will be great for the boys to have a yard to get bumps and bruises in. Courtney, you will need to buy more bandaids because they are going to have a lot of fun at the new place. More fun with boys involves more scrapes. We love you guys and I will be down soon to help out with the house.
Well time to go, maybe I will be lucky and see Izzy tonight, you never know. Se you all later, remember to count those blessings, name them one by one. The last one is named ISABELLE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday?

Well here I am at Alta View Hospital waiting for Isabell to be born. Poor Whitney has been in labor now I would guess since yesterday morning so maybe 24 hours now. I just went in to the room and they were about ready to push, so I am out. Now I find out that the doctor is in surgery. So Whitney waits...and waits. She is tough. I think Jason is ready to be done too. January 12, 2010 sounds like a great birth date. The waiting room is full of people waiting for babies and everyone is frustrated. Nothing is happening fast enough. Everyone is talking on cell phones and they are not quiet. I am excited for this new little girl. It will be great. Andrew and Preston get a new cousin and she doesn't get to wear hand-me-downs. Everything is new. New room, new bed, new clothes. Come on doctor get out here, its HAPPY BIRTHDAY time. I'll let you all know what happens. Think Pink.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting close

Well we are getting close, almost to the count down. For what? you ask... It is almost time for Isabell to be born. Whitney is doing well. The room is ready. We are ready. I hope Whitney is. I went over last week and took some pictures of Whit and the Isabell's room. It won't be long now. Another week and a half and we should have a new baby in the family.
Other big news - Braden got engaged. Yep, ENGAGED, ring and everything. His fiance is Jayme. She is a lot of fun and she can kick his butt. She has been taking karate for 12 years and Braden says she is good at it. She works with Braden and she is going to school at Weber State. She is working on a degree in forensics.
Braden has been re-building his transmission for his truck and he just finished. I don't know if I told you this but Braden bought a new MAC toolbox that is so big I think that I might park in it. If I put every tool I own(that Braden has somewhere) every tool I've lost and broken, there would still be enough room in that toolbox for a refrigerator. OK, it is big though.
Brooke is going to go to school and work. She took a new job at 1-800 Contacts and she loves it. She is no longer on the phones. She just got home from a week playing on the snow mobiles. She had a great time and came home without any broken bones.
Courtney and Doug are trying to close on a home in Mesquite. I think the tension is driving Courtney crazy. Andrew and Preston are getting so big and they always look so happy. Andrew is playing the Wii and he is getting very good. Preston is playing with and tearing apart everything. He is everywhere. Court is starting school next week, so she will go to school all day and work all night. the boys will be in daycare for most of the day. Doug is doing very well at work. Doug worked on my arm that has been sore for months (tennis elbow). He about made me wet my pants when he worked on my arm it hurt so bad. But my arm does feel a little better.
Stacey has been home quite a bit lately but had to fly out today. She is doing well. I am doing well and just working. I hope everyone had a happy new year. Hope fully we can all do things to make this new year a good one to remember back upon. Have fun and I will write for sure when we have a new little girl in the family. ISABELL POWELL. Hang in there Whitney.