Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well we woke up to six inches of snow this morning. I did not expect that. This weather is crazy and I want to go fishing. Two more weeks and Braden's graduates as a Marine. He is doing well and seems to like what he is doing. H was the top shot in his platoon and I know he was excited about that. I can tell that he has learned a lot while he has been gone. It seems like he has been gone for a year. I am really excited to go to California and see him graduate. I was able to talk to Jayme tonight via Skype. She is doing well and trying to get things in order to come home. I am not sure when the day is but I am excited to have her back. Courtney and the boys are back in Mesquite this weekend with Doug. They went hiking and looked at some petrogliphs ( I have no idea how to spell it) today. Andrew has been on medication for about two weeks now and, knock-on-wood, he has not had another seizure. That has been great. He just attended his kindergarten orientation. He was very excited and full of information when he came home. Preston is talking like crazy and wearing big boy underwear, yep a big step. Doug just had his Birthday he is 12. Well that's what drew told me. Jason is now flying for Skywest. He is doing well. The weird thing is that he is based out of Palm Springs, CA. So he continually needs to travel to California for work. Whitney and Izzy are doing well too. Isabelle is growing up too quick. Chatter bug, Chatter bug. Izzy and Preston can't seem to be outside enough. They love the outdoors. Brooke and Tim have work school and oh ya, a wedding to keep them busy. Stacey is busy with the wedding as well, and I am just trying to stay out of the way. Things are good except for last Monday I did something to my back. My back is somehow a pain in the butt. Preston, Andrew and I built a couple of tiny birdhouses last weekend. The boys did a great job. The houses are on our fence in the front yard and they look great. Andrew had his fist tee-ball ball games. As luck would have it we played in 30 degree wet weather. I am trying to help out the coach, and it is like herding cats. There are only four kids that know that you run to first after hitting the ball, and they are Andrew and three girls. Go girls. The rest of the team manages to run to the pitchers mound, second base, or third. Drew is having fun and I noticed that he actually anticipates the Ball being when each batter is up. That's cool. Well I an going to go back and put the heating pad on my back. Have a great week everyone.