Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marching, marching, marching on!!!

I thought I would take a minute and let you know how Braden and Jayme are doing...Well we have received a couple of letters now from Braden who is at boot camp. First of all he wanted me to tell everyone who wrote to him THANK YOU very much. He was so glad to hear from you, and that the letters arrived at just the right time. He said that they have been practicing marching, push ups, pull ups, and running several miles each day. He said that he can climb a rope now and they have been issued their M16 rifles. He said that this week they begin swimming which he said was going to be a welcome change and he could give his feet a rest. After this week they go to the mountains for three weeks. All in all he sounds like he is doing well. He wants everyone to know that he misses loves you all. I was also able to talk to Jayme on Skype the other day. She looked great and is doing well also. It is starting to get hot in Iraq and it was already in the 70's there. She is working from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. She also wants everyone to know that she misses them and sends her love to you all. She comes home in about three months. It will be nice to have her here.
On another note, Isabelle (the really cute 1yr old redhead) has to have tubes put in her ears because she keeps getting ear infections. It will be nice to get them in and get her healthy. She is such a funny kid. Let me tell you, she runs the show. She is awesome.
Doug is in Florida at a Physical Therapy Training thing but I think it is just an excuse and he is just at Spring Training with out ME!
Brooke and Tim are going to Mesquite this weekend. She gets to take care of Daisy while she is there. I hope the drive safe and have fun.
Jason is finishing up his final weeks in ground training and I know it has been tough but he can do it. Whitney is doing a good job keeping things going while he is away.
I have not seen Andrew and Preston today but I am sure that drew is playing video games and Preston is playing with his trains. Courtney is doing well in her nursing and it has not been easy lately. I can't wait for Andrew to start T-ball. It will be nice to be out of the house. I don't know how we will keep Preston off of the field because he will want to do what his brother does. Preston is really start to talk up a storm.
Well its time to clean up and get ready for bed. Have a great weekend. Happy Fishing.