Monday, September 21, 2009

Plans Change

You know nothing ever goes as planned. Saturday, Stacey flew out for work, and on Monday morning at 2:30 a.m. I got a phone call from Stacey and she was sick, sick, sick. I tried to diagnose over the phone, (you know how we all become doctors at that time) but I just had to say "go to the Emergency Room". Since I was having a hard time making a diagnosis without all of my equipment the emergency room sounded second best. It is a good thing she went in because her appendix was broken, yep, broken. They got her into surgery while I tried to get a flight out to be with her. (Cheering Section) She is doing well, and she has some great people here helping her. She is sore and has a lot of nausea but she's doing great.
By the way, the drive from Redman, Oregon to Medford, Oregon is gorgeous. It would be a great place to camp and fish. They have a bunch of fires that all started today. I can see one fire from Stacey's hospital room window. Well I'll say goodbye for now, and see if she (and I) can get some sleep. Bye all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A pretty good summer... but not long enough.

How has everyone's summer been? You know, I wait all year for spring to get here. The smell of fresh cut grass, warm days, long nights, and BASEBALL. The problem is the next thing I know, summer is over. I do like Fall though. Nice temperatures, colored leaves, pumpkins, and great fishing. There is one thing that makes me think of fall and it is the smell of dry leaves. I know weird, and you are probably glad I shared that with you. NOT. Well we are sitting here watching BYU hang in there with Oklahoma. Oh crap, we just fumbled in the end zone.

Guess what? Dad and I went fishing to Tibble Reservoir last Wednesday and we caught a ton of trout. We were using a fly and a bubble and we knocked them dead. It was great. It has been a pretty good summer. We have fished a little, we went to St. George, went to the airshow, and now we get to go to Lagoon. Right now it looks like Stacey, Brook, Courtney, Andrew, Preston and I will be at Lagoon next week. Drew is so excited. It should be lots of fun. I was able to go to the JDRF walk at Wheeler Farm for Brenner. -By the way the Cougars just scored 7 to 7 - Back to the walk... It was fun and there was a lot of people there. The Jazz Bear and Grizz for the Grizzlies were both there. The weather was great and they also had a car show. Andrew this is for you... They had a car that looked like it was a the Transformer BARRICADE. I'll try to put a picture on the blog.

Last week I went somewhere and when I returned Braden and Brock (Braden's Buddy) had torn out all of the grass out (OK there was nit that much) from the side of the house, and they graded it out pretty well. They are pretty good with a Bobcat. That was a surprise to come home to. We had talked about it but I had no idea it would be right now. Now I have to do something with it.

Well I guess everyone is back in school and I hope things are going well for everyone.

I am just rambling so I will say goodbye. GOODBYE!