Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another December already?

Almost over. The year is almost over. I can't believe we are at the end of another year. It seems like just a couple of months ago Preston was born and I was in Iowa making a Ginger Bread House with Andrew. Man it has gone by fast. Braden has spent the year tearing things apart and putting them back together. Going to the sand dunes and work, and now he cleaned up the garage just enough that he could put a transmission in it. Yep, he took the trans out of his truck and is re-building it in the garage. (I know it's crazy. He has a new tool box that is so big I think I could park my truck in it. It is nice. Brooke work and works. She has been going to football games and of course more work. She even works back at ColdStone once in a while. She actually took a new position at 1-800 Contacts and seems to enjoy the change. Sometimes I even get to see her at home, though not often. Whitney is looking great and getting closer to her due date. ISABELLA... does that sound great or what? IZZY, BELLA, ISABELL...way cool. I am excited. We have been working on the nursery for Isabell and it is coming along great. She already has more furniture than I own now. Lucky girl. Oh yeah, Jason and his dad just bought a twin engine plane. He had to fly it back to Utah from Florida. I just talked to Courtney on the phone and she said that Andrew and Preston had to get their shots today. OOWWWEEEE... Preston had to get 8 shots. Tough kids. Andrew is very excited for Christmas. Courtney and Doug are in the middle of buying a home and it has been very nerve racking for Courtney. They are doing well though. Stacey had a scare the other day at work when their plane hit a flock of birds. She sent me the picture of a bird smeared on a plane. She said she thought it was coming through the floor. she is doing well. I can't believe I have been in my new position at work for almost a year now. Crazy year. Well our tree is finally decorated. I got lucky and Stacey put it up and put the lights on it. she did a great job. I spent last night putting the ornaments on it. So if you look at it and they are grouped together in spots you know who to blame. I also put the lights on the house last week. I did it at 10:00 at night. It worked out great. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Season. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading my ramblings. See ya, I need to get ready for a new year.