Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wont be long now!

Just around two months now, and we all get a new little girl in the family. I am so excited. Whitney looks great! I wonder if Jason is nervous? I was, with our first (second, third and fourth). They have been working on the baby's room and it looks great! Stacey spent the other day getting a bassinet ready. It is an exciting time. Names seem to always be the topic. Abigail, Piper, Todette, etc. (Okay, Not Todette) She will be much too pretty for that. It will be very interesting having a little girl around. We need to get a new baseball glove, fishing pole, golf clubs etc. That stuff can probably wait...until summer. I was able to go golfing with Taylor, Scott and Grandpa the other day. It was a lot of fun. The day was nice and warm. I don't know how many times Taylor has golfed but he did very well. Taylor's only problem is that he thinks every drive should start with a gun blast. We had a great time. I hope Scott is planning on taking me ice fishing this year. (Do you think that last line was too forward?) Oh well, if you don't beg, you get to stay home. Winter is here and it won't be long and I will be wishing the snow was gone. I am already tired of shoveling snow and I don't even know where the shovel is. Oh well, just remember, life is always changing and no matter what...Won't Be Long Now! (Hang in there Whit)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall fun

Well here I am watching the World Series game 6 and hoping the Yankees can win the whole thing tonight. Stacey is flying tonight, and Brooke is sitting here with me. She has applied for a new position at work and has an interview tomorrow. She is doing well and keeping very busy. Braden is in the process of replacing the intake manifold on our Blazer (big job), and going to the sand dunes as often as he can. Stacey is doing well since her appendix surgery. She has had to work a lot lately. Oh yeah, and her hair is back to blonde. Looks great. Even Brooke is blonde again. Halloween was fun. Whitney and I decided to make chili. Home made chili. We have never made chili. It turned out great. Yep, surprised both of us. It was fun spending the day with her. She is out there in more ways than one. Our pumpkin carving before Halloween was great. Brooke, Whitney, Jason, Stacey, Judy, and me spent the hole night perfecting our pumpkin carving artistry. OK, mine was not artistry, but it was fun. The leaves are almost all gone, the weather is getting colder, and it was dark when I went to work and dark when I got home from work. The nights are too long. Oh yeah,Scott, Dad, and I went fishing to Jordanelle 2 weeks ago. It was a great day. Yep the fishing was great but the catching was non-existent. Dad and Scott did catch a good case of the flu though. (Actually dad did catch a nice fish) Thanks to both of them for not sharing the flu with me. Thank you to Mark and Mallory for seeing Andrew,Preston and Doug last weekend. Andrew was very excited to see you. Whitney and Stacey are getting ready for Whitney's baby shower that takes place in the middle of the month. It would be a good day for the guys to go and do something. Guys, guys, OK girls tell the guys. Dad and I are going golfing tomorrow. It will be interesting because I have not golfed in quite a while. Well I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and remember - not enough days until Christmas. See ya.