Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October is here.

Hi. Well since the last time I wrote... Andrew turned 6 years old. He had a party at the park with friends and I think he had a great time. Courtney, Stacey, and Whitney worked to put his MARIO party together. They played pin the mustache on Mario, Mario matching game, and Mario bingo. It was fun to watch the kids. Doug was able to come up for the party and it was nice to have him there. Andrew's grandma and grandpa Giles were also at the Party. In fact Grandpa Giles had to get stitches put in his cheek because the party was so much fun, but that's another story. I think the party was a big hit. Yep, BIG 6. he is loving school and had a pizza party with his teacher and a few other students last week. He should be starting Jr. Jazz in a couple of weeks. He is excited.
Preston is getting so big. He is getting to be chatty. It is fun to listen to him. He can really sing. You can't recognize all of the words but he can carry a tune. He is a tough guy. I think I might have mentioned before that he had to have his chin glued because he cut it at school. He also had strep for a while and boy was he miserable. His mouth was so sore. Even not feeling good he tells me hi everyday and gives me a hug.
Izzy is getting so tall. She is talking and talking and talking...and she LOVES "Horton Hears a Who!" But she is not obsessive about it. I only had to watch it five times on Saturday. Poor Izzy now has what Preston had, I think. She is always quick with a "HI PAPA" for me.
Courtney is working at the hospital to get her hours for school and she is in the Surgical Room performing brain surgery on African range monkeys that have made it to the U.S. by hijacking weather balloon's. Okay, not really, but I had to see if you really were reading all of this. She loves being involved in the surgeries. She is doing well but I can tell she is ready to be done.
My two little twins had their 22nd Birthdays today! Ah they grow up so fast. Awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE and BRADEN!!
Brooke is doing well at her job and is just go, go, go. I don't mean she is a go-go dancer she is just very busy with work and school. I didn't get to see her much. Tim is doing well and his coaching seems to be going great. His team is kicking some butt. His calling offense and doing very well at it.
Braden, was here for the weekend. That was a surprise. He looks great and seems to be doing well. He has been on training exercises out in the field for the last 10 days, I think. Jamie was here for the last week and she is doing well. they have an apartment in San Clemente, California, and I think they are just minutes from the beach. Yes, I need to visit.
Whitney is doing well chasing after Isabelle. Of course if they are here Grandma can always get Izzy's attention with a Popsicle or candy. Whitney is working, working, working. Probably just to buy more sidewalk chalk since Isabelle and I have to color pictures each day. Right now Whitney is trying to decide on a Halloween costume. I am sure it will be crazy.
Speaking of costumes, Andrew is going to be a SWAT team member.Of course if you ask him he is "Barricade" the police car from Transformers. Preston is going to be "Bumblebee" the Transformer. He is excited about that. Isabelle is going to be a pink pony. Yes, a pony. It is a crazy costume.
Well lets see...Stacey had a little surgery to remove a lump (no, not me) and she is recovering, although her arm is sore with some blood clots from the IV. It is very painful. She is very tough.
I am just working and trying to get the lawn mowed each week. Other than that I don't do much around here. I am just another pretty face. Wow, that was stretching it pretty far.
Grandpa Quinn left three pumpkins on the porch for the kids so we are good to go for our Jack-O-Lanterns.
I don't know about you but I can't believe it is almost winter. We have already had some snow, and today I had to scrape the frost off of the windshield. Yuk!
I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to write again soon. I am not sure what soon is, as you can tell. Have a great week everyone.
Remember to be thankful for our kids, whether they are 1, 2, 3, 6, or even 22, what we do without them? That's rhetorical, do not send me a list of things I could be doing. See ya later.
See ya later.