Monday, April 26, 2010

Change is the only thing certain.

Let's see, what changes have happened lately? Well, Andrew and Preston are now the proud owners of a little Shitzu puppy named Daisy. I'm sure that the poor dog has not had to walk since they got her home. I know that is not true because Preston follows her around everywhere, even to the doggie dish (maybe they are both hungry). Doug Giles is another year older and they even had a car show and a parade in Mesquite for his birthday. Courtney is able to get more sleep between working and going to school (okay that's not true but I think she would welcome that change) Isabelle changes every day. Now she giggles and laughs. Whitney is back to work and loving it. Alright not exactly loving it, but she is back to work. Jamie just got back from 2 weeks in Nebraska (that seemed to me to be 4 weeks) nice to have her back home. Braden's has been working and helping me in the basement, and we hit a bucket of balls on Saturday afternoon. Man, can he can pound the ball. He and Jamie are having a BBQ at Murray Park on May 8, if you can be there. Yes I am talking to you. - Brooke owns her own company making sun hats for people in the Congo. It keeps your head out of the sun and it carries a gallon of water, or Pepsi. "Congocaps." Kind of catchy huh? Not really, but that would be a big change. She is working and going to school. Stacey is playing softball with Skywest if the weather would get better on Wednesdays, and she gets to watch Isabelle sometimes during the day. We even watched Isabelle all night on Friday. It was a long night because Isabelle had to watch a movie, then the late show, then she wanted to watch another movie. That's when I put my foot down and said "Young lady, time to go to sleep." Yep she's rowdy like her mom. Se was great. She only got up twice during the night for a bottle. Which was nice because it was the same time I had to get for a bottle and go to the potty too. Ha ha. Well another change is the weather. It changes every day. We sometimes get all four seasons in one day. As you can see, change is good. Another great week ahead. Brooke keep working on those hats. Keep the change.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When is it going to be Spring?

We have had snow, rain, sleet, hail, sun, clouds, warm, and cold, cold, cold. When is it going to be Spring? I say all that above, and yet I love Utah. No other place you can snow ski and 4 wheel on the dunes in the same day if you want.
It was nice to have Courtney and the boys up for a few days at Easter. I think they had a great time at my mom's hunting for Easter eggs. I know that Preston did not really care for what he found in them, he just liked to open them. Andrew had a ball. Being with all of the other kids was great fun for him.

It looks like we will get to see a lot of Court and the boys for a while while she finishes school here in Draper. That will be nice.
Braden and Jamie are doing well. Jamie is currently in Nebraska for some training, and Braden is at home cleaning her car. You go girl. He is just working and going to the desert to ride.
Brooke is going to school and working full time at 1-800. She likes what she does.
Stacey is home today but leaves Thursday, so if any of you are cooking, I'm will be eating alone.
Whitney, Jason, and Isabelle are doing well. Whit is back to work, which means we should be getting some interesting e-mails, or sites to see on the web.
Isabelle is always smiling (OK, just at that's not gas) she is a great baby.
Jason is putting in a lot of hours at work.
I finally finished up my taxes the other day. I hate tax time. Yes, I know I do not need to leave it until the last week. all of you with kids under 18 at home count your blessings. Those exemptions used to be great!
I am working on the basement. I know, finally. It is coming along. I am moving the laundry room up a level so we don't need to go so far to do the laundry.
Is everyone ready to golf or fish? I am. Especially when we have the warmer days.
I did fertilize the lawn Saturday. I don't know why though, because I hate to mow it. I had to get some nutrients to my crabgrass farm. I think the Crabgrass is like a strawberry, you just need a start and it will grow anywhere. Anyone want a Crabgrass start? Free?
Have a great week.