Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wow is it hot!

Well here it is, the months that we wait for and now its time to complain about the heat. not really. Last week was a good one. Dad and Scott and I were able to go fishing up at Current Creek. We did however have one problem. One big problem. My boat ran terrible. Thanks goodness it was a good day, and we were able to catch some fish anyway. Scott caught the most fish. His fish count was - A few. Dad and my fish count was less than a few. (I know Scott knows how many he caught but I was trying to forget). I was able to go to one of Dallas' baseball games. In fact the day before he hit a Home Run, and it was at a very big ball park. It was a major league home run. He plays very well and even pitched the game that I watched. I can tell he is having a lot of fun playing ball, and I am sure he loves having his dad coach the team. Great job Jeff.
Well, this was a good time to write because it gets my mind off the horrible toothache I have. I broke a little piece off of my tooth while we were fishing and on Thursday night I broke a big CHUNK of the same tooth off. (Kids remember to brush and floss your teeth. Especially if you are a Quinn. Remember you probably only have 4 or 5 anyway) I am hoping tomorrow I can get in to a dentist and get them to do something about it.
We went to Draper days yesterday and watched the fireworks. They were pretty good. What is bad is that it took us almost an hour to get home because of the traffic and we only live ten minutes away.
Courtney, Doug, Andrew and Preston are doing well. It is cooler in Mesquite than here in Sandy. They have only been between 108 degrees and 125 degrees. They are in their winter coats. They are having a good time swimming in the pool. And Drew is learning how to use his swim goggles.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my new calling. I am in the nursery with about 12 kids my own age. It is pretty good duty. You break up a couple of fights, tell a story, eat some fish crackers or cookies, blow some bubbles and go home.
Hope you are all doing well. See ya later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everyone up!

Well last week was scout camp. We have been getting ready since last December when I signed our troop up and we began to plan. Just a heads up for anyone who reads this and is a Scoutmaster or might go to scout camp. If you are signing up for merit badges for your camp you need to go to another website to sign up. The camp information on the websites do not tell you this. So don't keep clicking on the "sign up for merit badges here" button. It won't ever work. I know what you are thinking and YES I have told the BSA office and the Great Salt Lake Council. I think by now they hate me. I am their most wanted fugitive.

But enough about that (see how ticked off I was) Scout Camp was very good. The boys earned around 38 merit badges in 3 days. We even had one boy earn his shotgun shooting merit badge. Way cool. Bear Lake was beautiful and COLD! Easy for the swim check because you could almost walk on water. We did get a little rain (yes because I went camping) but it was at night after we had gone to bed. There are tons of mosquitoes and they are hungry. I ate a bunch of Tabasco so I hope the ones that bit me got heartburn. The boys were good, except for one, and the camp was a success.

I heard from Courtney today. They are in Mesquite in a condo waiting for the power to be turned on. They are sitting at the pool enjoying the sunshine.

Well I need to go mow the backyard before it rains. The grass is so tall I need to put it into bales like hay. Jeff do you still have the goat? I have the yard to feed it.

See ya later.