Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy week

Hi everyone, Courtney started her new job at the hospital. She seems to really like it. Their family seems to be doing well in Mesquite. Preston received another haircut from his dad and instead of using a 6 or 8 setting they used a 2 or 3. He has no hair now, but he looks great! Preston, at least your hair will grow back and not fall out or turn gray. (Yet) I don't know if I told everyone but we found out that Whitney is having a girl. Yes I said a girl! All of the sudden we need to buy girls things. We are going to have a granddaughter. Wahooo!! It's going to be great. Does anyone know if they make a decent baseball glove in pink? Last week was pretty busy. I was in California all week and Stacey was all over the states. She even had to divert one of their flights because of a medical problem. She also is going to probably going to be in some of the filming for the airlines training and she is excited about that. Brooke is back from Lake Powell, and Braden is back from Bear Lake. My week in California was spent testing new Oracle software. (Forgive me for the bad pictures but they are from my cell phone. It's all I had) The testing was long each day but we did get a chance to do things after work. Monday we went to see the YANKEES play the A's. It was great. The Oakland stadium is old and cold. It sells like wet cement and stale hot dogs. We were on the bleacher section and the seats were very good. Although the Yankees lost it was very fun. The temperature must have been about 60 degrees and very foggy. We also went in to San Francisco on Wednesday. We went to Pier 39 and saw the sea lions. The smelled like a sweaty locker room with the door to the restroom open. YES they stink! We saw Giradelli square and rode a trolley car. It was fun but I wish the family was there. It is never as much fun as it could be when you don't have some close to you to share it with. San Francisco was eerie. The fog was rolling in and it was like a scene from the movie The Fog. You know when the lady in the light tower could see the fog moving into the shore... very eerie. The whole time we were in the Oakland area the temperature was in the 70's. Well now I am back home and its 90 degrees at least. What a difference.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer FUN

Last week Doug, Courtney, Andrew and Preston were all here for the weekend. It was fun. Andrew, Preston and I went to the "Wetlands" (Duck pond) to feed our stale bread to the ducks, and whatever else was there. It was a long walk in to the "Big Pond" so Andrew through rock the whole way in and Preston could not take his eyes off of Drew. When we walk up to the pond there was about 30 birds under a tree, but when they heard us they all stood up and started walking toward us. (Fresh meat) Andrew said " look they are all walking over to see us." That was the last happy sound from him for a while. Because when he threw a piece of bread towards the crowd of birds they began running toward us. Andrew freaked out yelling "Get them away!"

Preston was calm and very intrigued by the birds. There were a bunch of duck and a few geese in the group. Well I finally get Drew settled down so he could feed the birds when a huge gray goose walked up behind Drew. Drew had no idea she was there until he turned around to get a piece of bread from the bag and there he was Face-to-Beak with the largest goose of the group and she wanted bread. Andrew screamed so loud that I thought Preston was going to cry. "Get it outta here!" he was yelling. I finally got her to leave him alone and things settled down. It was a great afternoon.

Guess what? Whitney and Jason find out real soon if it is a boy or a girl! What's your guess?

It seems like the odds are running towards the baby being a girl. We shall see.

Brooke has been working her butt off to be able to go to Lake Powell, and Braden is just working his butt off. (not really they still have their butts)

This week is the St. George trip. I don't care if I just sit, sit, sit. "Don't bug me I'm thinking."

Hope everyone has a great week.

Oh yeah, the pictures are from the airshow at HAFB.