Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year? Where did the old one go?

Hi everyone. Just before Thanksgiving, yep before Thanksgiving Andrew wanted to know where our Christmas tree was. Well we found it. Of course the grandma said now that we have it it needs to be up. Our tree was up before Thanksgiving. Andrew and Preston decorated it, so all of the ornaments are at a similar height and grouped together and that's where they stayed the whole Christmas season.

Now let's talk Black Friday... We were at Walmart from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. trying to get what we needed (or wanted). One item was on sale at midnight, and when midnight came they told us they did not have the item. What a kick in the ____ (insert body part here). We lucked out and they tried to make it right. It was a long night, but it was fun being with Stacey, Brooke and Whitney. Then as always we went to breakfast. I am surprised we did not all fall asleep in our food. Yahoo Black Friday!

Christmas was very fun. It was nice to get together with the extended family for our Christmas party. A couple of years ago Stacey started a tradition on Christmas eve at our house. She always has new pajamas for everyone. Christmas morning was very good. Everyone was over to our house to open gifts. It was nice to have little kids around. They were so excited for each gift. Preston opened up his first gift and it was a train. Big mistake. He was totally excited for the train and was OK not to open another gift. All he wanted to do was play with Thomas the Train. Andrew, on the other hand, was excited to open more and more presents. He helped grandpa pass out the gifts to everyone. I think he enjoyed it. He opened one gift and said "it's just what I've wanted my whole life." Lucky kid. Isabelle looked terrific as aways and is getting good at tearing wrapping off of presents. I hope Braden had a good Christmas. He received a gun from Santa. Christmas is always good when you get a gun. Hopefully he will not shoot his eye out! He did not get any new clothes. Just like he wanted. Brooke and Tim received new pots and pans, so could someone volunteer to teach them how to cook? It was nice to have Whitney, Jason, Courtney and Doug all here.
We did miss one person, and she is in Iraq. Jamie we all hope you had as good of a Christmas as could be. It will be nice to have you here this next year. Thanks for what you are doing in Iraq for all of us.

That reminds me... Doug had quite the trip getting here for Christmas. Doug's car broke down in Santaquin. Braden and I went to see if we could fix the car and it took us forever to get there because dad did not listen to Braden and took I-15 and they just happened to be fixing pot holes that night. We were stuck. When we finally made it to Doug, we popped the hood and could see that the idler pulley had almost come off of the car. Everything was closed so we towed the car home. I think we got home about 12:30 in the morning. The next morning, Braden took the car apart, while Doug and I ran for parts. With the help of Checker, Autozone, Pepboys, and Napa Auto we were able to get all of the parts. Pretty soon the Altima will be brand new. (At least under the hood)Stacey and I got some very cool gifts from the kids. Thanks kids. Courtney and the boys went to Mesquite for a few days and they picked just the right day to leave, because now we have a ton of snow. They had a lot of water at their house last week. I even saw their street on the news. I am glad it all worked out.

I hope all of you had a warm, safe, enjoyable Christmas and that everyone's heart grew three sizes that day. Just 360+ more days until the next one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Christmas Season!

Fa la la la la, la la la la. Here we are again at another Christmas season. But wait it is different this year. We have little ones around. Awesome. Isabelle is laughing and trying to talk. What a hoot. She now tells everyone she sees "Hi." She is walking, climbing, and trying to run from grandpa when he tells her he is gonna get her. The little boys Andrew and Preston have both had birthdays. Andrew has turned five and is "much" older now, and Preston turned two and is doing everything he can to keep up and be like his brother. Jamie is back in Iraq, Braden is going to Marine "pool" activities, Brooke is working and playing. Whitney and Jason are trying to keep up with their daughter who's is giving them a run for the money. We had Preston's birthday party and Andrew was most definitely more excited than Preston. Don't get me wrong, Preston enjoyed it, but Drew absolutely could not wait. It was fun watching him be so excited for his brother.

Well I don't know if anyone else or if everyone else went to the Black Friday sales, but we did. It started Thursday night. ALL NIGHT. From 10:00 p.m. until Friday at who knows what time. It was crazy but it was fun being with Brooke, Whitney, and Stacey. I hope everyone else got what they needed to get. We did OK.

Courtney is finishing up another nursing semester and it seems like she is always taking another test. She seems to be doing OK.

Thanksgiving was nice. Almost everyone was at mom and dads for dinner and it was fun. The kids always have a blast. It seems that the house just gets louder and louder with laughter.

Well not too long until Christmas so mind your P's and Q's and no crying. You better watch out, he's watching. Have a great week. See ya.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!

Can you believe it? It is snowing at our house. BIG HUGE Snowflakes. Way cool.
Well, I know it has been a long time since I have written. I have been busy with the boys and other things. Andrew had his last soccer game on Saturday and believe it or not his trophy said he is the "most outstanding player"... along with 400 other kids in the league. He is proud of his trophy and we are proud of him. Andrew had a lot of fun playing and it was great to go and watch. Preston wanted to be on the field so much that he would just wander onto the field with the team. He can't wait to play. Preston is starting to say quite a few words now and he loves to see his cousin Isabelle. Brooke and Braden had their 21st birthday last week. Yep 21. I don't know how they got to 21 since I am only 28. Weird. Brooke is doing well and going to football games with Tim. Braden had a big surprise on his birthday when Jayme showed up from Iraq. It was awesome. She looks great, and is doing well. She will leave again on November 3rd. It's nice to have her here. Whitney and I went to the temple grounds last Thursday and took pictures. It was fun to be with her and Isabelle. We also took a Photoshop class a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. I am trying to figure out how I use Photoshop to make me look thinner.
My dad had a stint put in his heart last week. He is doing well and looks great. If I jump all over please forgive me. Braden and Jayme went to Vegas for a couple of days. Remember you two. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas, except herpes that crap will come back with you!
ISABELLE is WALKING!!! She is awesome. She does patty cake, and roll it, and roll it, and toss it the oven. Stacey just got back in from a long trip but she does not go back out for a while now. She is reading a new book. I know, surprise! The surprise is that it is not a vampire book. She has been tending Isabelle quite often and they are very close. You can not pry Isabelle out of Stacey's hand most days and Isabelle feels the same. She likes to be with me as long as Stacey is not around. Otherwise, she wants Stacey. Courtney is going to school and working part time at Health South. Busy, Busy, Busy. She is doing well. I went with my dad fishing before he had surgery and we caught a couple fish at the new Sandy pond. The fish were jumping like crazy. I wonder if the state will ever finish the road work on seventh east, or the work on 13th east, or 11400 south, or, or, or... It has been a mess for too long. It really makes it hard to go anywhere when all of the major roads in Sandy are tied up with construction. Okay no more soapbox. We took the boys up to Snowbird last week to see the fall leaves. There was not a lot of color up there but we did see a coyote in the Snowbird parking lot. It was a good evening up there. Halloween is this week so don't get spooked. Andrew is going to be Bumble Bee the Transformer, Preston is going to be a dinosaur (I think) and Isabelle is going to be Tinkerbell. I hope you are all well. Have a good week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer's end

Well here we are near the end of another summer. Man that went by fast. We have spent a lot of this summer building rockets and losing them. It has been a lot of fun. I guess we are not very good at judging the wind, because several trees now own our rockets. Andrew and Preston love to launch them. Jason and Whitney have joined us and so has Brooke and Tim. We have been going to Andrew's soccer games on Saturdays and it has been fun.'s like watching Whitney and Brooke when they were little. "Bunchball." We are working to get Andrew to be a little more aggressive. He seems to be having fun and that's what counts. No vacations this summer just staying around home. My dad and Dave C. and I went fishing yesterday and we had a great time. We left around 6:30, should have been 6:00, and we went to Currant Creek. By the way, the 7-11 on 12300 south and 700 east has no hot dogs on the grill at that time. So we did not get a Bahama Mamma before fishing. We caught somewhere around 30 fish total. The weather was great and the water was beautiful. Current creek has some Tiger Trout in it and they look cool. They are not very big yet, but they are cool. Stacey has been playing softball every Wednesday with her work and they are doing OK. Best of all she has not taken another line drive to her shin. I think her shin is finally not black, blue or green. Braden is going on the deer bow hunt with some friends and Brooke has just moved into a new apartment. Now for really BIG news...Isabelle is not only crawling she is going up the stairs! She is sooo smart. She loves her grandpa, but she loves grandma more. She can't take her eyes of Stacey (probably because she knows Stacey usually has candy or a Popsicle. Ok on to other news. Brooke's Congo hat business did not take off so she is now making contacts for near sighted homeless dogs and cats. She ha such a big heart. Now all of those animals can see where they are going and do not have to sniff everything to see what it is. We will see how this story ends. Braden has installed a stereo system in his truck that is awesome. He did a great job. The system can get loud. He is helping Brooke in her new contacts adventure by putting stereo systems in the Cat and Dog houses for the near sighted animals. They can have barking or meowing in HD Stereo. Well we can't leave out our soldier Jayme, who just gad a birthday. She is in Kuwait and will be going to Iraq in a while. I was able to talk to her the other day. It was great! She sounded good she said it is very hot 120+ over there. Jayme we love you. Be safe. Well thing are OK here, I hope everything is good for you out there. Have a good and safe Labor Day. Summer's end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its been a while...

Well lets see. The last time I wrote was ... too long ago. What has happened so far this summer? Jamie is in Washington right now getting ready to go to Iraq. We were able to go to the airport and see her off. Don't let anyone fool you, that is tough. These people that are serving our Country are amazing. They all just pack up and go because that is what they need to do. It was tough for everyone, but also amazing to watch. I hope she is well and doing what she needs to do. It will be nice when she is back home. (Jamie we miss you and love you. Be safe) Braden has quit working for Checker and is now working with Jamie's uncle doing lawn care. No, not at my house. I still have to mow my own lawn. (What little lawn still remains) He passed the test for joining the Marines. Now he needs to decide on what he wants to do while he is in the Marines. Head cook sounds OK to me. Brooke has purchased a new car. A bright blue Mazda 6. So far she loves it. It is very quick. Everyone has been spending time throwing bean bags and trying to beat Brooke and Tim in C_r_h_l_. (See if you know what that is) They are gooood at this game. She is working again for Cold Stone so go see her. Whitney has been little miss sewing machine girl. She is learning very quick and doing a great job making things for Isabelle and everyone else. Jason is working, working, flying. he made dinner for us on Sunday. It was great. He is "Ready for a Throwdown." Isabelle is getting so big and she now has her ears pierced (against her grandpa's wishes) but they do look cute. She is absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. She will be crawling very soon. The girls all went to see the Vampire movie together. It was a late late late showing, but I think they had fun. Courtney, Andrew, and Preston are her for the next year and a half. She is finishing her nursing degree here in Draper. Yahoo! Andrew and Preston are going to Preschool for a couple of days each week. (Thank you Jenny and Paul for making this happen) It is great for the boys and Courtney gets a break too. Stacey had a lot of fun watching the World Soccer games and is still playing softball. Last weekend we went to "Draper days" at the park. It was so hot that I am sure I lost weight. Not by sweating it off,or exercising, I think I lost weight from my skin melting off and sticking to everything you bumped up against. Now that's hot. We went over to the park later and watched the fireworks until Preston tossed up his lunch onto Courtney. Oh man did that stink! Preston is learning to say more words everyday, although he has not learned to say "I don't feel well. Andrew is learning to ride his bike and getting better at it. The boys and I went to see the dinosaur museum at the U of U. It was fun. Preston would love to ride all of them. Andrew wanted to keep digging for bones. We rode Trax to the Gateway Mall and played in the fountain. Preston can not ever get wet enough and Andrew is not sure he ever wants to get wet. When we finally went back to the truck we were all ready for a nap. It was a fun day. as you can see, things have been a little crazy, and hectic, but fun. I like it when the kids get together and just talk and laugh together. That's nice. Well I have got to get to bed. Yep, I still have the sickness where I have to go to work. I am hoping they find a cure for it. Thanks to all of you who help us out each week. Especially to Don and Judy who have Courtney and the boys living in their basement. See ya later

Monday, April 26, 2010

Change is the only thing certain.

Let's see, what changes have happened lately? Well, Andrew and Preston are now the proud owners of a little Shitzu puppy named Daisy. I'm sure that the poor dog has not had to walk since they got her home. I know that is not true because Preston follows her around everywhere, even to the doggie dish (maybe they are both hungry). Doug Giles is another year older and they even had a car show and a parade in Mesquite for his birthday. Courtney is able to get more sleep between working and going to school (okay that's not true but I think she would welcome that change) Isabelle changes every day. Now she giggles and laughs. Whitney is back to work and loving it. Alright not exactly loving it, but she is back to work. Jamie just got back from 2 weeks in Nebraska (that seemed to me to be 4 weeks) nice to have her back home. Braden's has been working and helping me in the basement, and we hit a bucket of balls on Saturday afternoon. Man, can he can pound the ball. He and Jamie are having a BBQ at Murray Park on May 8, if you can be there. Yes I am talking to you. - Brooke owns her own company making sun hats for people in the Congo. It keeps your head out of the sun and it carries a gallon of water, or Pepsi. "Congocaps." Kind of catchy huh? Not really, but that would be a big change. She is working and going to school. Stacey is playing softball with Skywest if the weather would get better on Wednesdays, and she gets to watch Isabelle sometimes during the day. We even watched Isabelle all night on Friday. It was a long night because Isabelle had to watch a movie, then the late show, then she wanted to watch another movie. That's when I put my foot down and said "Young lady, time to go to sleep." Yep she's rowdy like her mom. Se was great. She only got up twice during the night for a bottle. Which was nice because it was the same time I had to get for a bottle and go to the potty too. Ha ha. Well another change is the weather. It changes every day. We sometimes get all four seasons in one day. As you can see, change is good. Another great week ahead. Brooke keep working on those hats. Keep the change.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When is it going to be Spring?

We have had snow, rain, sleet, hail, sun, clouds, warm, and cold, cold, cold. When is it going to be Spring? I say all that above, and yet I love Utah. No other place you can snow ski and 4 wheel on the dunes in the same day if you want.
It was nice to have Courtney and the boys up for a few days at Easter. I think they had a great time at my mom's hunting for Easter eggs. I know that Preston did not really care for what he found in them, he just liked to open them. Andrew had a ball. Being with all of the other kids was great fun for him.

It looks like we will get to see a lot of Court and the boys for a while while she finishes school here in Draper. That will be nice.
Braden and Jamie are doing well. Jamie is currently in Nebraska for some training, and Braden is at home cleaning her car. You go girl. He is just working and going to the desert to ride.
Brooke is going to school and working full time at 1-800. She likes what she does.
Stacey is home today but leaves Thursday, so if any of you are cooking, I'm will be eating alone.
Whitney, Jason, and Isabelle are doing well. Whit is back to work, which means we should be getting some interesting e-mails, or sites to see on the web.
Isabelle is always smiling (OK, just at that's not gas) she is a great baby.
Jason is putting in a lot of hours at work.
I finally finished up my taxes the other day. I hate tax time. Yes, I know I do not need to leave it until the last week. all of you with kids under 18 at home count your blessings. Those exemptions used to be great!
I am working on the basement. I know, finally. It is coming along. I am moving the laundry room up a level so we don't need to go so far to do the laundry.
Is everyone ready to golf or fish? I am. Especially when we have the warmer days.
I did fertilize the lawn Saturday. I don't know why though, because I hate to mow it. I had to get some nutrients to my crabgrass farm. I think the Crabgrass is like a strawberry, you just need a start and it will grow anywhere. Anyone want a Crabgrass start? Free?
Have a great week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hint of Spring

The other day I was just thinking how nice the weather was and the next morning I woke up to about 4 inches of snow on everything. It must be spring in Utah. The best snow we have had in a while and it comes falls in March. I just came back from Family Home Evening in Coalville and it was very good. Jennifer's family put it together and did a great job. Whitney, Brooke, Tim and I road up together. It was nice to have someone to ride with since Stacey is flying. Jayme left for San Fransisco for some military training. Braden and I drove her to the airport. I don't k now what all she took with her but if I had not rode home with Braden in the truck I would have thought he was in one of her bags because it weighed a ton. Last week I was able to go with Jayme and Braden to watch her receive a promotion. She is now an E4 or E5. Yep I have no idea what that is but I know that it is a promotion, and that is always good. Jayme is great and it is nice to have her around. Brooke is still going to school and working. She is doing well. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Whitney, Jason and ISABELLE. Isabelle is getting so big and now she smiles at you. It is awesome. I also talked to Courtney today and she is doing well and so is her family. Andrew made me a fish at preschool that I put up in my office. It is great. It looks like a fish even has scales on it. Yep talented. Stacey, I and Whitney went looking for carpet the other day. What a long evening. So many samples and everyone like something different. Of course anything better than what we have. Maybe, we will just stick a bunch of sample together and everyone can have what they like. Well I've got to go to bed. Have a great week. Remember Spring Is Coming. It smells like baseball season.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Turn around and everything changes

Have you ever felt like you turn around and when you turn back its all changed? well that's how the last month has been for me. A month ago Whitney had little Isabelle. She is so cute and fun to have around. Turn around and not to long ago that was Stacey and I. Two weeks ago I went to Mesquite to help Courtney and Doug move into their new home.
Last week Braden and Jamie were married, and everything keeps turning. Congratulations Braden and Jayme. Already her dog tags say "Jayme Quinn." By the way Jayme leaves for Iraq on June 22, 2010. We love having Jayme around. Braden we love you and pray for the the best things in life for you and Jayme.
Brooke has a new position at 1-800 contacts, and she loves it. She is no longer on the phones. She is a receptionist (I think that's here title)She is a hard worker and it seems weird that she is not working 3 or 4 jobs. She is going to school though because I get to see her and Tim working on their laptops all of the time.
Courtney and Doug have a beautiful home in Mesquite, right across from the Jr. High School. I had a great time being at their house and helping them get settled in. I especially had fun being able to watch Andrew and Preston one day while Courtney was at school and Doug was at work. Preston had "Hand and Foot" which is a kids illness. He had spots all over his hands, feet, and mouth. He was not feeling well but always had a smile for you. Andrew's favorite thing about the house is his new bunk bed. It is awesome. Stacey and Whitney are planning to go to Mesquite to visit soon. Congrats Court and Doug. You know it seems like it was just last week we brought her home from the hospital.

Stacey just got home from a trip and is in the living room watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Doesn't it seem like the Olympics were just here? See what I mean, we just turned around and it's here again. Go USA!
Well life goes on and on. What's next? Not sure? TURN AROUND!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Name them one by one

So many blessings. January 12 at almost three o-clock in the afternoon Isabelle Piper Powell made her way into the world. 7 lbs 15 oz. and 20 inches long. She is perfect! Our third grandchild, and one more blessing added to our family. She is the first girl born on my side of the family in fifteen years. Yep, she's going to be spoiled by everyone. I was sitting in the waiting room when just before three I got a text that said "It's a girl!" Stacey was in the room for this miracle and I know she loved being there. Jason was already making phone calls when saw him walk out of the room. That day seemed to go by in a flash. Isabelle was so beautiful and perfect. Just to tell you how everything works out, the nurse that helped to deliver Isabelle, helped deliver Whitney when she was born 23 years ago.
Whitney, Isabelle and I spent most of Saturday together, and it was a great day. I was able to sit in a chair and just watch her sleep. Have you noticed how good babies smell. Is it the baby lotion, or what? She has long gorgeous fingers and long feet. I told Jason and Whit, good luck finding size fifteen high heels when she is prom queen. I hope you enjoy the photos of Isabell I only have around 400 of them so call me if you want one.
Other news Courtney and Doug are closing on their house in Mesquite. It will be great for the boys to have a yard to get bumps and bruises in. Courtney, you will need to buy more bandaids because they are going to have a lot of fun at the new place. More fun with boys involves more scrapes. We love you guys and I will be down soon to help out with the house.
Well time to go, maybe I will be lucky and see Izzy tonight, you never know. Se you all later, remember to count those blessings, name them one by one. The last one is named ISABELLE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday?

Well here I am at Alta View Hospital waiting for Isabell to be born. Poor Whitney has been in labor now I would guess since yesterday morning so maybe 24 hours now. I just went in to the room and they were about ready to push, so I am out. Now I find out that the doctor is in surgery. So Whitney waits...and waits. She is tough. I think Jason is ready to be done too. January 12, 2010 sounds like a great birth date. The waiting room is full of people waiting for babies and everyone is frustrated. Nothing is happening fast enough. Everyone is talking on cell phones and they are not quiet. I am excited for this new little girl. It will be great. Andrew and Preston get a new cousin and she doesn't get to wear hand-me-downs. Everything is new. New room, new bed, new clothes. Come on doctor get out here, its HAPPY BIRTHDAY time. I'll let you all know what happens. Think Pink.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting close

Well we are getting close, almost to the count down. For what? you ask... It is almost time for Isabell to be born. Whitney is doing well. The room is ready. We are ready. I hope Whitney is. I went over last week and took some pictures of Whit and the Isabell's room. It won't be long now. Another week and a half and we should have a new baby in the family.
Other big news - Braden got engaged. Yep, ENGAGED, ring and everything. His fiance is Jayme. She is a lot of fun and she can kick his butt. She has been taking karate for 12 years and Braden says she is good at it. She works with Braden and she is going to school at Weber State. She is working on a degree in forensics.
Braden has been re-building his transmission for his truck and he just finished. I don't know if I told you this but Braden bought a new MAC toolbox that is so big I think that I might park in it. If I put every tool I own(that Braden has somewhere) every tool I've lost and broken, there would still be enough room in that toolbox for a refrigerator. OK, it is big though.
Brooke is going to go to school and work. She took a new job at 1-800 Contacts and she loves it. She is no longer on the phones. She just got home from a week playing on the snow mobiles. She had a great time and came home without any broken bones.
Courtney and Doug are trying to close on a home in Mesquite. I think the tension is driving Courtney crazy. Andrew and Preston are getting so big and they always look so happy. Andrew is playing the Wii and he is getting very good. Preston is playing with and tearing apart everything. He is everywhere. Court is starting school next week, so she will go to school all day and work all night. the boys will be in daycare for most of the day. Doug is doing very well at work. Doug worked on my arm that has been sore for months (tennis elbow). He about made me wet my pants when he worked on my arm it hurt so bad. But my arm does feel a little better.
Stacey has been home quite a bit lately but had to fly out today. She is doing well. I am doing well and just working. I hope everyone had a happy new year. Hope fully we can all do things to make this new year a good one to remember back upon. Have fun and I will write for sure when we have a new little girl in the family. ISABELL POWELL. Hang in there Whitney.