Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank goodness for change.

Well tonight was Andrew's last T-ball game. His grandpa Giles was there to watch him play and he reminded me that I had not been writing. So here I go. Everything is changing... Soon my kids will all be married, the grandkids are getting big and doing more, and there has been a big yellow thing in the sky...I think it might be the sun.
Like I said Drew has been playing T-Ball and he is doing well. He probably throws better than anyone on any of the teams (of course I am grandpa and a Little bit one sided) seriously though he play pretty well. He can hit a pitched ball instead of from the tee (if I can toss him a pitch worth hitting) and he anticipates the ball being hit when he is in the field. It has been fun to help with the T-Ball team. BIG news... Andrew can ride a two-wheeler without training wheels. He was so excited he was jumping up and down yelling "I did it!" Preston is right behind drew all the way. He can't wait to be on the field. He is enjoying riding his power wheels four wheeler and fighting over everything with Isabelle. He and I are always teasing each other and he is always telling me "Don't Waaff" which means "don't laugh." He is so funny. Isabelle is getting taller and her features are changing. I guess that means she's growing. She is Preston's wrestling partner. They can scream and argue over everything. It's comical. Stacey is playing softball again with Skywest and a couple of weeks ago she was hit with a ball in the side and has a very nice bruise. She pitches and she plays the game well.
Braden has graduated from Boot Camp at the San Diego M.C.R.D. It was so good to see him. He looked great in his uniform. He was home for ten days (of which it rained 9 of the days) and it was good to have him around. We were able to go fishing on the only dry day. It was a lot of fun. He is now back in San Diego at Camp Pendleton for his Marine Combat Training and after that he will go to Virginia for a couple of months. It's odd to think he is in the military. Brooke and Tim are getting things together for her wedding on July 5, 2011. She has her dress, and it looks good on her. Sorry Tim I have no pictures. Things are a bit crazy, the wedding is coming up so fast. Stacey is organizing, checking on things, and doing as much as she can between flying and everything else she has going on. Courtney is back in school again. I think she is doing well. Every Saturday she works in American Fork at the Hospital. She seems to really like it, other than they are long days, and if you have not seen her lately she has been hoola-hooping, waking, and has lost weight. The problem is I keep finding it and putting it on me. Doug was up here last week. It was good to see him and you can tell the boys were glad to see him. Doug has now traveled up and back to Mesquite without any car problems. Yahoo!! I hope I did not just jinx the whole thing.
Whitney is working, working, working and doing well. Jason is flying now and stationed in Utah. Isabelle is the beauty queen. She is so fun. She is a water dog just like Preston. Those two are so much a like. She played in the water the other day until I was cold watching her. You need to see her ride her four wheeler. Thanks to Aunt Ginger she has a Pink Power Wheels 4-wheeler.
Other BIG news. Yesterday I received a text from Jayme. She is in the USA. She is in Washington. I am so glad she is in the U.S. I think she will be there for a couple of weeks and then she will be home. Is that cool or what?
Well, there has been a lot going on and I just have not had time to sit and write but I am glad I did today. Thanks for reminding me. Thank goodness for change. Braden has been home, Jayme is coming home, all of the grandkids are learning new things, Brooke and Tim are getting married.
I hope everyone has a great week. Be safe. Jayme, we can't wait to see you! Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful). Love ya.