Sunday, September 25, 2011

Muddy, Muddy, Weekend

Well this last weekend was a little different. Stacey, Courtney, and Whitney ran in the "Dirty Dash" up in Heber. The race is at Soldier Hollow and is a 5K or a 10K race for charity. Every where on the trail are places where you are going to get wet and muddy. Doug, Andrew, Preston, Isabelle, and me went to watch them run. It was great. They did a great job. For not training, they all finished, and faster than I thought they would. Not that I thought they would be slow. The point that we were able to see them, they had to swing on a rope across a mud bog, then run up a hill (a long way) to a water slide, down the slide, then run to, and through, two 3-foot deep huge holes full of mud and water, then to the finish. They were all tired but had a great time. We had fun watching them participate. Now it's Sunday and they are all SORE! Good job girls! You did great!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of summer

Well here I am setting in a hotel room in Denver with no place to go. I have already walked about 7 miles today. Up and down the 16th street mall, to Coors Field home of the Rockies, which by the way is BEAUTIFUL, of course it is a ball field, then I Walked clear up to the other side to the Capital Building so I could be exactly 5280-feet, yep one mile high above sea level. Well enough about my boring work trip. Let me give you an update on other things. Braden is now back at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California. He did absolutely great in his training back in Virginia. He is the only person they know of to go through the training scoring 100% on every test. No-one has done it before. Awesome. He received another promotion and is a Lance Corporal now. Jamie has been out to see him and they have an apartment in San Clemente, CA. She came back for is National Guard duty. Brooke is going to school and busy, busy, busy. Tim is now calling the shots for offense at Juan Diego. Pretty big step. Courtney back in school and three days a week they have her in an med-surg (yes, surgery)at the hospital. She is liking it although she has to be there early in the morning. Andrew is in Kindergarten and he loves it. He is doing so well. He loves his teacher Mrs. Nessen. She calls them kinderbugs and he thinks that it is pretty cool. Preston had to go to the hospital today because he cut his chin open pretty good at pre-school. They were able to glue it together though. He's tough. Isabelle is getting so tall and such a talker and a singer. She absolutely loves Dora the Explorer. She is a ton of fun, and she has her grandmas sweet tooth. Speaking of Stacey, She is still playing softball for Skywest and having fun. Oh yeah, we all went to Lagoon for my work party. The kids had a ball. Preston is not too keen on the kids ladybug drop ride. Andrew likes all of the rides, and Isabelle loved Bulgy the whale. even to the point of putting her hands in the air. The kids were fun to watch. So here we are and life goes on and leaves are starting to turn. Where does all the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday we were waiting for the rain to quit in June, so we could start Summer? Pretty soon the bikes, trikes, scooters, and power wheels will be put away an replaced with the snow blower, sleds, and shovels. I can wait. I hope everyone is well. Have a good, fun, fall season. We will try to also. Remember, Halloween is just around the corner...