Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a week.

What a difference a week makes. Last week we were in Iowa visiting. Everyone was doing well. Now we are back home and it seems like everyone is not feeling well. I started into a cold or whatever on Valentines Day. (I know, Happy Valentines Day to me!) I have the worst sore throat. (See my picture above) I know that Courtney and at least Preston are not feeling well either. That's what you get when you get together and someone brings a cold to the party. A cold. The gift that keeps on giving. Just great. I either have a runny nose or I can't breathe. I am looking to give this away if any one is in the market for a cold. Cheap. Stacey just got home today from all over and she is tired. So with her and I we are "Sick and Tired." I hope everyone else is doing well and that they enjoyed their Valentines Day. Okay, it's not my picture. This is a guy that was on the wharf in San Francisco. You gotta admit, its a good resemblance. What a difference a week makes. Take care.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Trip

Are they great or what?

Well we are all back from Iowa and it was great. The blessing was great. We all got up so we could make the 9:00 Sacrament meeting and guess what? We were not only on time, but early to church. I know, another miracle. We were all surprised when Becky (Doug's mother) showed up to sacrament meeting. Pretty cool. Doug did a great job with Preston's blessing, even though at first I thought everyone in the circle was going to bounce Preston right into the back row of the chapel. There is a difference between a gentle rocking to calm the baby, and trying to toss the child into the air during the blessing. Preston spent the remainder of the blessing trying to sit up. I thought we might drop him. I know Doug was worried too because he had a great grip on the back of Preston. We got lucky and the weather was pretty good. Well we at least saw some sunshine. Braden did pretty good driving in Iowa. I went for a ride with him and he was actually able to find his way around. I think he liked Iowa. It was good to see Stacey, Whitney and Courtney together. I wish Brooke could have come. But she had to work, and sometimes that happens. Andrew wrestled with everyone and raced cars on the table with Braden. Preston looks great and he is not as big as the pictures make him look. (Remember each camera adds ten pounds). He is a good kid but of course as soon as we left he got sick. I think he just misses us. Courtney and I spent a lot of time together trying to rid her computer of a virus. We finally removed it. I hope it is still working. Everyone was able to make their flights home even though they we all full. I was lucky and sat between two Sumo Wrestlers. Not really, but there was not much seat left between them, and of course that is where my seat was. So I sat for 4 hours on the flight from Cincinnati to Salt Lake with my elbows touching each other across my chest. Yep, really comfortable, NOT!! Thanks Courtney and Doug for letting us come out and be with you guys. We had a great time. I can't wait until you are closer to us. By the way everyone Doug is almost finished with school and already has a job offer. Yahoo!! Thanks again, it was fun. Well until next time. "Keep your stick on the ice."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a blessing!

(Are those the greatest grandsons or what?)

Yes, it is a blessing. We now have two healthy grandsons and wouldn't you know it, Preston is already 2 months old and we get to go to Iowa for his baby blessing. It seems like yesterday I was in Iowa with Andrew playing cars, crashing airplanes, building forts and watching the "Polar Express" (the best Movie of all time, as far as Drew is concerned) while Courtney and Doug were at the Hospital waiting for Preston to make his way into the family. I am excited to get out there and see everyone. I am also glad that Braden is going with us. He has not been to Iowa yet.
Andrew wanted to know if our house was still in MYtah. You know like YOUtah. Isn't he is great.
It is now Wednesday night. We leave on Friday and I have no idea when we are all coming back. Some have to be back early and some do not. I have not put one thing in a suitcase or backpack yet. I usually go to see them with only a backpack and what ever else will fit in there with my camera. Stacey said I have to take more than a backpack this time. "So it is written, so it shall be."
We had a great Superbowl Sunday at Jeff and Susan's house last weekend. Sue and Jeff did a great job with the Family Home Evening lesson. Thank you Jeff and Sue.

I hope everyone has a great time while we are gone to Iowa, because I am going to.
Yep, It's a blessing.