Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!

Can you believe it? It is snowing at our house. BIG HUGE Snowflakes. Way cool.
Well, I know it has been a long time since I have written. I have been busy with the boys and other things. Andrew had his last soccer game on Saturday and believe it or not his trophy said he is the "most outstanding player"... along with 400 other kids in the league. He is proud of his trophy and we are proud of him. Andrew had a lot of fun playing and it was great to go and watch. Preston wanted to be on the field so much that he would just wander onto the field with the team. He can't wait to play. Preston is starting to say quite a few words now and he loves to see his cousin Isabelle. Brooke and Braden had their 21st birthday last week. Yep 21. I don't know how they got to 21 since I am only 28. Weird. Brooke is doing well and going to football games with Tim. Braden had a big surprise on his birthday when Jayme showed up from Iraq. It was awesome. She looks great, and is doing well. She will leave again on November 3rd. It's nice to have her here. Whitney and I went to the temple grounds last Thursday and took pictures. It was fun to be with her and Isabelle. We also took a Photoshop class a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. I am trying to figure out how I use Photoshop to make me look thinner.
My dad had a stint put in his heart last week. He is doing well and looks great. If I jump all over please forgive me. Braden and Jayme went to Vegas for a couple of days. Remember you two. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas, except herpes that crap will come back with you!
ISABELLE is WALKING!!! She is awesome. She does patty cake, and roll it, and roll it, and toss it the oven. Stacey just got back in from a long trip but she does not go back out for a while now. She is reading a new book. I know, surprise! The surprise is that it is not a vampire book. She has been tending Isabelle quite often and they are very close. You can not pry Isabelle out of Stacey's hand most days and Isabelle feels the same. She likes to be with me as long as Stacey is not around. Otherwise, she wants Stacey. Courtney is going to school and working part time at Health South. Busy, Busy, Busy. She is doing well. I went with my dad fishing before he had surgery and we caught a couple fish at the new Sandy pond. The fish were jumping like crazy. I wonder if the state will ever finish the road work on seventh east, or the work on 13th east, or 11400 south, or, or, or... It has been a mess for too long. It really makes it hard to go anywhere when all of the major roads in Sandy are tied up with construction. Okay no more soapbox. We took the boys up to Snowbird last week to see the fall leaves. There was not a lot of color up there but we did see a coyote in the Snowbird parking lot. It was a good evening up there. Halloween is this week so don't get spooked. Andrew is going to be Bumble Bee the Transformer, Preston is going to be a dinosaur (I think) and Isabelle is going to be Tinkerbell. I hope you are all well. Have a good week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!