Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well you know the four seasons in Utah. Almost Winter, Winter, just after Winter, and just before Almost Winter. The weather here can't make up its mind. It was 60 degrees yesterday and right now it is snowing hard. The lawn is already covered. Yesterday was so Nice I fertilized the lawn. Hopefully when almost Spring ends I will have green grass.(yeah right) Well I saw a video of Braden's fishing trip in Japan. It was awesome. If you haven't seen it look him up on facebook. They caught a bunch of nice fish on the ocean. I am jealous. I am sure I still caught the biggest fish. We saw Jayme the other day and she is doing well. I think she is buried in school work and work. It was good to talk to her. The Giles clan seems to be doing well, except for Court's car. The thing needs some major work. Looks like I have an excuse to visit! Yes! The boys are doing great. Andrew is doing well in school, and Preston is just being Preston. Drew said he was participating in the school assembly so I need to see how it went. Preston calls me once in a while and he will actually carry on a conversation. He is a chatter box. It's great. I have video pf Preston on my phone that Isabelle has to watch every day. She laughs so hard when she hears Preston's voice. She REALLY misses those two boys. Whitney is doing well. Brooke and Tim are starting to look at homes, but they keep looking in Wendover. Not really they are looking in Riverton (but it may as well be Wendover, It's way out there). Tim is almost through with school. Brooke is doing school and working, working. I know she can't wait for Summer and 90 degree weather. Dad and I had our last game coaching the Jr Jazz Team. They were awesome. The final score was 48-6. Our team could not miss. It did not matter who was in the game. They played great. Even when we had the smallest line up in the game they scored a bunch of points. Brenner scored 22 points himself. Whatever Tanner was telling them on the bench worked. Well I better go shovel the snow. Keep warm everyone. See ya in the Spring!

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