Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter, Spring, Winter?

Hi everyone. Well let's update a bit. Last week Stacey and I were able to go to see Courtney, Doug, Andrew, and Preston. It was fun. They are doing well. Andrew is riding his bike everywhere and can even turn right. Preston isn't far behind him on the riding the bike thing. He can almost pedal his bike well enough to keep up with Drew. They are just growing and growing. Doug's company has bought a new office for him to work out of in Mesquite. It is very nice and much larger. Preston loves to go to the dollar store. We went to the park and Andrew can go across the Monkey Bars like a Monkey. They just go, go, go. Court and Doug attended a Cancer benefit with others from his work. Stacey and I rented a Ford Escape it was very nice and got great gas mileage. It was fun to drive. I was able to talk to Braden on Skype the other night. He called me at about 1:30 a.m. He said to tell everyone Hi, and he is doing well. He looked good on the camera. Jayme is back from Japan, and she was able to see Braden. Jayme is studying hard so she can finish school this year. Go Jayme! Whitney and Izzy are doing well. Isabelle is getting so tall, and she is a chatterbox. She can sing her ABC's, and count, and everyday is a new adventure. Brooke and Tim are working and going to school. Tim graduates in April. Stacey is flying a lot this week. She is doing well also. I can't believe it snowed today. I think his is the most snow I have had to shovel this year. What a strange winter. We went ice fishing a few weeks ago to Fish Lake and it was Awesome. Dad, Scott, Brad, and I went. It was a great day and we caught a lot of fish. The day was pretty warm and the ice was very noisy. Dad and I have been coaching Jr. Jazz and it has been very fun. So far the team is undefeated. We miss Andrew on the team. I am participating in Toastmasters at work. It is a program to expand on speaking abilities. I have given three speeches so far. It is a good group. It is a year commitment and the leadership changes every six months. Last week they asked me to be the President of the group for the next six months. I know, and i agree with you, they must have been drinking a lot when they decided that. Work is very busy, so that's good. You won't believe this but, I actually started to clean out the garage yesterday. You will believe this though... I had to stop to go with Brooke and Tim to look at some homes. So the garage is not done yet, or ever, ha, ha, ha. We took Isabelle swimming a couple of days ago. She is a water dog. She loves it. She is just like Drew and Preston. They can't get enough. Even when their lips turn blue they still want to stay in the pool. I hope Spring gets here soon. I know Stacey hopes warmer weather shows up quick. She liked the 74 degree weather in Mesquite. I can't wait until we can get the lawn chairs out and sit in the yard. Even if I have to mow. Tomorrow is Presidents Day, and I have no idea what I am going to do. Probably sleep in until 7:30 or 8:00. Nice. Have a great week everyone. Be Safe. Braden if you look at this we LOVE YOU and miss you. BE SAFE also.

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